imageWelcome to my web site. If you are looking for a Professional Massage Therapist who provides excellent service at a great price, you have come to the right place!

I provide effective therapeutic massage by working and focusing on your body tissue in an intuitive, empathetic, sensitive way. The focus that has created the most success for my clients is to remember there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. This threshold is different for every person. When addressing a particular area on the body, just enough pressure is used to create change in your tissue by releasing tension, increasing circulation to the area, which, in turn, brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to your body tissue. There is sometimes pain that is held within the tissue; by working at a deep but sensitive level, the pain is released, holding patterns are erased and healing begins. Deep work is not and should not be painful. If it hurts when you are being massaged, the tissue has a tendency to resist the work and change does not occur. Working right up to the edge creates change in the tissue, promotes healing and makes for a therapeutic,relaxing, & beneficial session.